How to get Gili islands from Bali

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How to get  Gili islands from Bali

How to get Gili islands from Bali or comment obtenir les îles gili de Bali or 발리에서 길리 섬을 얻는 법 is most question that many people are having, when they are planning their itinerary

There are no airports in the gili islands, the nearest airport is on mainland of Lombok. Alternatively, you could fly to Bali and get connecting domestic flight to Lombok. Elsewhere, you could take flight from Jakarta, Surabaya or Sumbawa. Or, you could take international flight from Malaysia or Singapore to international airport at Lombok.

The easiest way to get to the Gilis from Lombok's airport is to book a package at the nearest travel agent or tour agent. The cheapest way is to take a bemo/taxi to Pemenang, walk or cidomo to Bangsal and then take the public boat (ferry) with affordable price from there.  Some people might say it is not worth with the hassle  as you will need to deal with long wait and such a crowded

The islands of Gili could be only reached by sea, various fastboat could be arranged from Bali or mainland of lombok. You could get cheap ticket, easy online booking from Bali, therefore many tourist prefer to take fast boat from some point in Bali to get Gili islands rather than to go by flight from Lombok.

Sit comfortably or enjoy sun on the fast boat deck during your journey to gili islands. Using fast boat is one of tourist favorite way on how to get gili islands from Bali

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